Our Approach

At Disruptive we are experts in helping organizations of all sizes and from all industries adopt agile methods. Depending on your needs we can guide and support your company through an Agile Transition as well as support your teams in using Scrum, Kanban or Lean. We introduce proven practices and help your teams understand the principles behind the practices. Instead of presenting you with a predefined blueprint, we help you in setting up your own way of working Agile. We enable you to find your solution and optimize your processes through retrospection and continuous improvement.

Our approach is unique: We make your Agile Transition long-lasting and sustainable.

Small Business or Enterprise?

Disruptive Agile uses a full range of coaching tools and along with our training, we are able to partner with customers of all sizes, helping not only their transition towards Agile, but also in the overall growth of their company. Since different companies and teams have different needs when transitioning to Agile, we work closely with each company to define their specific needs and structure our coaching accordingly.

Agile Principles

Our approach is firmly based on the Agile Principles. We use proven agile tools and methodologies which are most beneficial to our clients in their particular situation. We believe that Agile is the best way to achieve the desired goal of making organizations more predictable and flexible in their approach to work. We use the whole range of agile methodologies as opposed to a single one-size-fits-all method. Our unique practices and tools allow us to scale your transition in the best way for your organization.

How to Make a Successful Agile Transition

To guide your agile transition, we use our Disruptive Agile Transition Framework (DATF), which is based on an end-to-approach and a proven set of coaching tools and training modules. The Disruptive Agile Transition Framework has been developed over the years on successful projects with companies of different sizes and industries. Our experienced Agile Coaches will help your company understand the impact of the change and track the progress of that change as you move towards your defined business goals. To enable a long-lasting and sustainable transition, your organization will need to develop internal coaching capabilities. For this we have developed the Disruptive Agile Team Coaching Framework which will accelerate your coaches’ learning and help your organization to scale Agile effectively from the bottom-up as well as top-down.

4 Steps to Become Agile

Assessment: Understand the actual situation
Strategy: Identify the right agile strategies
Training: Create a common knowledge base
Coaching: Learn Agile principles for continuous improvement

Sustainable Quality and Continous Improvement

You can’t buy Agile. Moving to an Agile way of working requires a shift in mindset and practices on many levels. People need to communicate differently; collaboration between teams will change; and managers will have to become Agile leaders. Our focus is on the business success of our customers, our coaches have seen and supported many companies in becoming Agile and can quickly recognize gaps in the system, communication failures and technologies that might be posing problems.