Client Testimoninals

Agile – Scrum – Scrum-ban Implementation, Web Development Client

“Joan McDonough is a very dedicated, committed, serious and resourceful professional, who provided us with new and effective approaches to some difficult and historical problems. Her background in graphic design and her deep knowledge of the web development lifecycle, allowed her to drive needed change. Joan’s calm and thoughtful demeanor instilled confidence, and the energizing, refreshing clarity of her explanations and examples were very effective.

Joan managed to bring about a complete change in our web development process within a very short period of time. She had the buy-in of our clients, executives and developers, because she can relate to all aspects of web development and speaks their language. I would very much recommend Joan and Disruptive Agile to any web development organization.”

~Marcia Bernsten

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Agile – Scrum – Kanban Implementation and Coaching, Software Development Client

Joan McDonough introduced Scrum into our team. She was contracted to evaluate and implement a project management system to improve processes in order to further improve internal software development. She worked closely with management evaluating the existing processes and developed new procedures instituting Scrum Project Management process procedures.

Joan trained me in my role of the Product Owner and a colleague as the future Scrum Master. Her roll-out of Scrum and her initial role of being the Scrum Master was paramount for the success of a difficult development project.

Furthermore, she not only trained the development team in Scrum, but, also in the technical practices of XP and emergent Design. She also helped management to introduce agile practices into their process of portfolio management.

This Agile – Scrum Project Management Implementation was successfully completed and has greatly improved our software development lifecycle process.

~Philip Joseph

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Agile – Scrum Re-training and Coaching for an Software Development Client


I want to thank you for a very effective relationship. Your leadership and guidance have helped us get our new Agile initiative off the ground and into development production. We are already seeing positive results from the project.

Many of the scrum teams you helped to create have given me very favorable feedback as to your professionalism, organization skills, and helpful personality.

In short, it has been a pleasure to work with you over these months and I look forward to the opportunity to use your services in the future.

~Richard Livingston