Agile Assessment


Disruptive Agile will accurately analyze your Agile needs. The assessment will baseline client needs in terms of skills, practices, and environment. The scope and depth of assessment varies with client needs.


Review and recommendations

In consultation with the client, Disruptive Agile will determine the scope of the engagement and the readiness of the client to begin. At this time, we will recommended the most beneficial training and coaching approach to be used in the transformation. The scope and structure of the engagement, including specific learning objectives, are determined at this time.


Training and Coaching delivery

A three day training session is performed with the team and the first real world sprint is planned. The coach works with the newly formed sprint team and periodically checks in with the client. Together the coach and client inspect progress and revise the program definition to incorporate new learning and information.


Exit review

Upon conclusion of the engagement, the client and coach review the outcome and agree upon next steps.