Agile Transition

Agile Transformation with Disruptive Agile

Attaining the desired results
There’s no silver bullet or one size fits all process for migrating a single department or an entire enterprise through the Agile transformation. Going Agile can seem like a daunting task, so let Disruptive Agile assist and guide your transformation while navigating the pitfalls and obstacles that often challenge new process improvement endeavors.

Disruptive Agile has the expertise and experience to work within your organization to custom design and deliver a program that’s suited to your needs. We serve our clients by helping them develop the ability to rapidly learn, develop great products, and respond to change. We coach Agile teams, facilitate productive meetings, and deliver Agile coaching, consulting and training.

Disruptive Agile believes that training is more effective if it is tailored to the organization and project. Our training includes workshops for Senior Management and Technology team members on the business benefits of Agile as well as defining the new roles and responsibilities required to attain ongoing success.


The first steps to a successful transformation is having an understanding of your corporate culture and practices, and identifying change agents to craft the transformation plan. Using this assessment, we then design a high level roadmap outlining the steps to achieving a successful Agile transformation for your organization.

We prefer to work with as much of the organization as possible to ensure cultural challenges inherent in an Agile transformation are properly conveyed and concerns and issues can be addressed.

Agile Implementation

Disruptive Agile takes the top down approach to working with an entire organization in order to ensure Agile success. Working with your leadership team, Disruptive Agile will address the needs of the entire organization. The Disruptive Agile Discussion Guide will help facilitate the process, determine which practices add the most value, and enable your organization to improve processes.

Team Coaching

Many organizations like to start with a singular team to adopt Agile practices. Disruptive Agile will work with the teams at all levels: with support for senior managers, business analysts, project managers, developers, team leads, technical architects and testers. Team coaching involves concepts and practices such as scrum, kanban, ATDD, TDD, story carding, release planning, show and tells, and retrospectives.

A large part of ensuring Agile success on the team level is making sure that the appropriate practices for the team are being used. Being prepared to work with all of the practices used in our Discussion Guide enables us to ensure implementation of the right fit of methods used for each team in the Agile transformation.

Growing Agile

Many organizations start down the Agile path and run into roadblocks which prevent further Agile growth. Disruptive Agile is experienced and ready to help remove those roadblocks, and renew the Agile transformation Through the evaluation of your company’s active methods, we will recommend new and modified ways of handling the workflow to ensure Agile success. Whatever the level of your company’s roadblocks, Disruptive Agile is prepared to recommend solutions and coach your team in to higher levels.